Coconut oil producing project is ready to be rendered

26 May Coconut oil producing project is ready to be rendered

Usage of coconut oil in washing, petrochemical, cosmetic and few edible industries is estimated about 15.000T in Iran and 10.000T in Gulf countries.
Iran cold pressing company has launched a comprehensive pilot of coconut oil producing which contains all production machines, production methods, coconut import and finally coconut oil production.
The perspective of this production is so important and profitable inside Iran.

This production is performed in overseas and we hope it be brought in our own borders and that’s the reason why this project can have 40% of profitability in investment section in only 3-4 months.

Important points for investors on this project:
1. Amount of fixed investment is estimated at least 500.000$
2. Executable places in ports or Qeshm and Kish islands have more charisma for importing ingredients and exporting products.
3. Cold press extraction methods need no water or fossil fuels therefore it hasn’t any environmental pollution.
4. Production line infrastructure area needed is only 200m2.
5. Production line installation takes only 7 days.
6. This project has great efficiency for producing Crude, Virgin Vitamin Edible Oils from different kinds of oil seeds & Copra.

Call Iran cold pressing experts for more info.

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