The cold press oil extraction devices with power consumption of just 18 kW 3-phase power works and life of at least five years has been set. Press 250 with high efficiency can catch the last of the oil lies in variety of oilseeds, the device is unrivaled in the world. For example, the device is capable of up to 42% of canola and sesame oil make up 52%.

This device is intended for making of oil and oil-making factories with inverter, cyclo gearbox and equipped with shock-resistant all-steel table supplied. The device is capable of drawing oil from 8 to 10 tons of grain to make oil and meal. It is worth noting installation of these devices is done in less than three days.

View cold presses 250 mm


150 * 75 * 100

* Actual capacity

8 to 10 t in 24 hours

electricity consumption

18 kWh –  3 phase


3 t

* NOTE: actual capacity is three times the capacity of the device.