The cold press machine made by Iran cold pressing is the smallest model. Very low power consumption of just 700 watts and reasonable price with high Rvghngyry efficiency can be considered the biggest advantages of this device. The cold press suitable for use in groceries, home businesses and stores are small and can convert up to 150 kg seed oil and meal.

The device uses single-phase electricity for use in homes, laboratories and small businesses is quick and cyclo gearbox and equipped with shock-resistant electrical cabinet table will be available. The device is capable of drawing oil without causing environmental pollution and audio up to 150 kg of grain to make oil and meal.

View cold presses 35 mm


120 * 70 * 50

* Actual capacity

150 kg in 24 hours

electricity consumption

0. 75 kWh – 1 and 3 phase


150 kg

* NOTE: actual capacity is three times the capacity of the device.