Why IranColdpressing?

30 Nov Why IranColdpressing?

Fortunately in recent years due to increasing community awareness of the organic food health, including oils derived from the method of cold pressing demand increase dramatically for the oil and the machinery of this method have the ability to.

Given the above conditions and Market demand for these types of devices, we obtain to provide information to dear fellow citizens regarding the differences between the varieties of imported and domestic machinery manufacturing company, and the copy we made inboard, to prevent the potential losses to the people who are going to buy the line as much as possible.

Cold press method patent from the year 1996 to the number 25526 in the extrusion method and any claim of making or selling machines with cold press name except for making this company is against the law.

All the standard of the Virgin oil (cold pressed) in the country based on the output device made by the oil company has been set up and is known as a reference, Therefore, the guarantee of being in accordance with the quality and quantity of the oil output of the miscellaneous devices with the device of making Iran cold pressing and therefore there is no standard national and international.

The term cold pressing machines, this can be attributed to time that the oil output of the device is below 45 degrees Celsius (which often are lacking this feature of different devices)

One of the things that most buyers are unaware is  the number of working shifts in 24 hours.  This means that other vendors declared hours based on their capacity and never mention that their machines will be able to work only between 5 to 8 hours daily, and This is due to the weakness of the alloy used and the weakness of the engine and gearbox and weakness in manufacturing engineering.

While the company’s ability to manufacture devices that function are boarding and can take up to 1 year continuously and without interruption.

Some concession of cold pressing made by IRAN COLD PRESSING:

  1. The lack of restrictions on oil-pressing of all kinds of oil seeds in the sense that the buyers are having a device capable of making more than 100 oil oilseed type without having the slightest changes in the device.
  2. A very high percentage of extraction at the international level for example sesame seeds with just one-query times up to 54% for oil extraction. This apart from tech talk; economic means at least 20% of the lower price for oil producers would be useful because other devices on the market can be at most 45%.
  3. No need to get the permanent operator because the automatic oil operations completely automated and consistent supervisory task is done and the only operator is responsible for seed.
  4. Permanent operation without interruption even up to 1 year
  5. 24-hour support
  6. Install the Setup and training at any location and time
  7. One year guaranty and after sales service of 10 years from the time of installation and Setup

Some of the privileges of Iran’s Cold Pressing support for group of manufacturers newcomer:

  1. To help the newcomers to Iran Cold Pressing group to recognize the input market (oil seeds) and output market (oil and cake)
  2. Purchase seed for the Group at the same time that cause the reduction of the price of the grain.
  3. Uniformity of products for the middle east  to provide a clear standard for the newly established unit takes products that it is selling new units to ease backing past sales history group.
  4. Ability to work in a high volume of grain due to Iran’s cooperation with the Iran Cold Pressing Group.
  5. Determine the price of oil and meal products in order of groups focus on specific product.
  6. The introductions of seed resources to purchase seed oil or oil-pressing transaction to the unit are based on geographical distribution.
  7. Collaboration and communication with other oil producers to cold-press method in the middle east and abroad.

One of the criticism that involve the Iran Cold Pressing is the higher price of the machines of this company that other sellers, which this must be said that:

One of the main goals of this company is customer satisfaction after purchase of the device and this will not be achieved unless using alloys with very high quality;  Use the durable  gearbox engine and shock-proof with a high shelf life as well as having the highest international level in engineering can be sure that items such as:

10-year useful life of the device;  The lack of performance loss after a few years of operation;  Spending power is very well compared to the other existing devices;  Continuous operation and other items, such as the European standard certificate that is managed by the company to the industry to convert from one currency may industries and the machinery manufactured by Iran Cold Pressing group is now in more than 5 countries including the European Union, that all the above facilities are  from the possibilities of  Iran Cold Pressing machinery.

Now, if carefully consider to look at the relationship between the price and the quality of the expenditure for these devices according to privileges not only is not high compared to the cheap devices and a much higher quality of economic justification.

This is while buying cheap devices, although initially less financial pressure to apply with a buyer but during the short time the holder of the high costs of maintenance and repairs as well as compromising the efficiency of the production and profit are disrupted and housing difficulties caused for many producers. These are all apart of the immense price drop devices after the launch that the initial price to 1/4 is also to be sold.

Finally, the right is with the client and the  Iran Cold Pressing company on the way to  progress in this industry to where it is possible to provide services to customers will not hesitate.

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