With more than 20 years of experience in producing vegetable oil in coldpress system ,is proudly annouced to be the first and only producer of cold oil extraction system machines in Iran and since 1996 has started to sell those machines in local markets to support Iranian manufactorers.


Laying of oil-bearing crops

These oil extraction machines have the ability to extract oil from more than 150 types of seeds and the extraction is done under 40 ° C wich protects all seed's properties in oil.

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Cold presses with different capacities

Customers are one of the most valuable properties of every business and Irancoldpressing is blessed and honored to have the bests and is always proud for their being beside


Establish small oil extraction units

By preparing financial and economic platform , Iran Cold Pressing has made a situation for dearest countrymen to have a thousand dollars monthly income with a low investment

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The cold oil extraction system machines are totally made inside of Iran and are released from 150kg/24h input to 24000kg/24h

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Specialty Oils

One of the main activities Iran Cold Pressing, sales of specialty oils of the highest quality possible. For information on prices please contact us

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About Iran Cold Pressing

In the direction of producing edible vegetable oil ; Irancoldpressing has worked hard for making the culture of using vitamin virgin oil in public people.

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Cold press machines suitable for small businesses and quick


Cold press caliber 180

The cold press oil extraction devices with power consumption 7. 5 kW 3-phase power works and life of at least five years has been set. Press 180 with high efficiency can catch the last of the oil lies in variety of oilseeds, the device is unrivaled in the world. For example, the device is capable of up to 42% of canola and sesame oil make up 52%.

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Cold press caliber 85

This machine is made according to customer’s demands being able to use 1&3 phase power in small dimension and it’s the only machine at the international level wich is able to extract oil from olive with it’s stone using 1 phase power. Input capacity for this machine is 400kg to 600kg for every kind of seed.

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65 mm

Cold press caliber 65

Caliber model 65mm is advised to customers who intend to launch a small oil extraction unit with a very low cost. Input capacity for this machine is 170kg/24h to 300kg/24h for all kind of seeds in size of 5×5×5mm.
This machine’s dimension is smaller than a desk and it’s usable in groceries too.

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Cold press caliber 45

This is the newest model built by this company at the requst of clients in order to build a machine between models 35mm and 65mm. With using 1 phase power ; this model is perfect to be used in stores , labs and groceries . Real input capacity for this machine is 240kg/24h

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If you’re thinking about setting up a new business ; we offer an oil extraction unit as a healthy, early return and low risk investment.