Butter Machine Tahini Caliber 28

Butter Machine Calibrated 28 MM / All Iron Steel with Glass Hopper life 10 years.

For Peanut / Sesame /Walnut / Pistachio / All Nuts…

Dimensions: 50×60

Capacity : Min 30 kgs/ Hour

Warranty: 1 year

Power: 750 watts

Gross Weight: 30 kgs

Ability to work on a variety of brains

Engine Color: Silver

Adjusts the roughness and softness of the produced butter

Ride on the MDF Whiteboard

Glass dish input container

Very simple operation

Use of the finest materials and long life and durability

Butter Tahini machin
butter machine
Butter Machine Irancoldpressing

View Butter Machine Caliber 35 mm



* Actual capacity

Min 30 kgs/ Hour

electricity consumption

750 watts


30 kg

* NOTE: actual capacity is three times the capacity of the device.