The press is suitable for areas without electricity or power fluctuations. Devices without having to power with the 85 Express Technical Specifications and only with the consumption of gasoline (petrol) are available. It entrepreneurial capacity of 400 to 600 kg for each type of oilseeds. Express models from 700 to 850 kg for oilseeds Entrance is made.

+ The new generation of transmission: the latest generation of gearboxes installed on the device without gear, with 5-year survival Cyclo drive Series 9000

+ No size limit oilseeds: Azknjd to large size seeds such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, olives and …

+ Small dimensions: size of a desk 90. 70. 110 cm.

+ Shelf life above: devices with a shelf life of at least 5 years for all the pieces.

+ High efficiency: high-efficiency and get behind the latest oil content of oilseeds and competing on a global level, for example, canola and sesame 42% to 52%

View cold presses 85 mm Dieseli


150 * 75 * 100

* Actual capacity

2.2 kWh – 1 , 3 phase

electricity consumption

700 kg in 24 hours


285 kg

* NOTE: actual capacity is three times the capacity of the device.